Gaurav Bhatia

It gives us great pleasure to reveal the second luxury industry stalwart we have brought on board the LLW Experts panel. Gaurav Bhatia is one man who needs no introduction to the luxury world. Art Man nee Champagne Boy, Gaurav began his career in Advertising in New York, then joined LVMH Moët Hennessy to share the magic of champagne with India. Today he is  Managing Director of the South Asia business of the oldest auction house in the world – Sotheby’s.

A connoisseur and collector, Gaurav’s passions include art, antiquities, textiles and jewellery. Part of the first generation of luxury marketers, he is an opinion maker in luxury and lifestyle in India. Here’s a man who knows his Dodiya, Dum Pukht and Dom Pérignon.

Bhatia believes luxury is artisanal, authentic, intelligent, and hand-crafted. For him, it’s usually a mix of creativity, heritage, innovation even humour. He believes art is the ultimate luxury. You find multiple stories, lenses and perspectives often all hidden in one piece of art.

Bhatia believes that the mix of Indian indigenous luxury with international brands is changing the face of the industry in India. The coexistence and juxtaposition of these names, as we will be featuring at LLW, makes for a unique and interesting dialogue. India can be viewed as one of the most influential creators of luxury in the current world scenario which provides us with so many opportunities.

Gaurav will be heading panels and discussions at the LLW so do watch this space to learn more. In his own words, LLW is “a curated weekend of artisanal brands and beautiful stories. Go play!”