Making of #THEREVEAL

And now, here’s some insider information on the thought behind #TheReveal – From the invites and decor to the reveal of our brands on a 40 foot LED screen.

Aarushi Agarwal, Creative Director, Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

“In anticipation for #THEREVEAL we created personalized invites for the guests which were conceptualized and designed with the intent of creating a reveal of sorts before the actual event. Guests invited to the event were prompted to open a box containing laser cut, metallic invitations and customized chocolates that literally spelt out “Luxury Lifestyle Weekend”. In addition, the chocolate flavors were carefully chosen to represent Luxury, Lifestyle and Weekend respectively while the invitation was laser cut to reveal the categories at the show but not the actual brands.”

Atiya Mulla, Director, Business Development, Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

“Classy yet elegant was everything we were going for. With a heavy focus on the rose gold and blue of the logo, we created statement pieces like our life-size LLW letters along with a beautiful LLW lounge for our media bytes to express the essence of our property. We also had the lovely Ralph Lauren Home create a seated lounge for guests to take a sneak peek into the actual products that were going to be showcased in March. The focus of the entire night was the brands and for that our reveal screen had to be the hero. A forty foot LED screen took its place in the center of the room where all of our brands were showcased.”

Kunal Avanti, Co-founder, Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

“#THEREVEAL had to be perfectly timed and animated to reveal all 50 brands and our #LLWInsiders in a crisp yet elegant manner. As guests entered the screen featured 50 grids of just the LLW Logo which then transformed one by one into the logos of each of our marquee brands.”

Karena Laungani, Director, Business Development, Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

“The Reveal provided the perfect platform for our first set of marquee Brands to network with each other, and for the first time, reveal their partnership with LLW 2018 to the media, bloggers and luxury influencers present at the event.”

Swapan Bharma, Group Director, Business Development, Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

“It was extremely humbling to see so much support for LLW and the luxury industry at large. It was great to see brand heads across 10 different categories come together to network and mingle with each other and with the affluent luxury attendees at the event – this is what we wanted from the start, for such a community to be built in India”

Check out how the event went along here.

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