Reve Dagher

Reve Dagher calls herself a Professional Watch Thief, which also translates to a watch influencer. She has worked alongside WATCHANISH  and is a huge watch enthusiast and lifestyle and travel blogger. Having grown up in Beirut, one of the world’s biggest hubs for fashion, luxury and travel, Reve developed her sense of appreciation for the space early on. She started in the luxury industry when she was 17 at which point she says that she only knew as much as those around her did. In 2013, she joined WATCHANISH which is when her passion and knowledge deepened. “For me, it makes me proud to be in the business of creating desire and happiness for those following us,” she says when asked about her work.

What struck her the most is how central creativity and innovation are to everything she does, it’s the heart and soul of the luxury space. “With these two ingredients, you can make even the most boring stories relevant!” she laughs. Reve started her IStealWatches account around three years ago, when most of the watch channels on Instagram were male centric, reflecting the status of the watch industry in general. “Most people still think that women are only interested in things that are sparkly and pink! My aim was to tell the world that women can also buy and be passionate about complicated watches, we discuss mechanisms and we understand horology which is why many brands are now introducing unisex designs.” She tells us.

For Reve, luxury is about engagement and about acquiring experiences, exactly what we are doing at LLW. “By engaging your customer with the brand, you will create a much higher value than by simply selling a product,” says Reve. Reve also agrees that India is one of the most vibrant and challenging markets for luxury brands. There has been incredible growth over the past five years and it is continuing to evolve and grow, thanks in part to digitalization and social media. The watch industry specifically is very fast-moving and always changing. Brands are becoming more receptive to change and customer feedback which is a positive sign. “I am super excited to be back in Mumbai, one of my favourite cities in the world! I can’t wait to meet all the watch addicts at LLW.” Concludes Reve.