The idea that became a reality: Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

As Luxury Lifestyle Weekend is all set for its debut in March of 2018, we are going to take you back four years in time with Akash Sheth, Managing Director of LLW, to see how an idea transformed into reality.

It’s unbelievable to see an idea on a piece of paper come to life – however, it took a lot to get here. LLW was created with the objective of presenting a platform where both ends of the luxury spectrum – brands and consumers – could engage and interact with each other to create a strong community of luxury in India.

It took us four years to get here because there was a lot to research, understand and experience. We wanted to study the market for luxury in India and globally; understand what made luxury brands so successful, how they have reached where they are today, and their amplification and growth. Over the past several years our team has attended luxury fairs around the world like Basel World, SIHH, Hainan Rendezvous, etc. to come to the knowledge we have today.

Over the course of time, various experiences have helped us decide the ambiance, infrastructure, look and feel, and the engagement we want to offer to both, the consumers and brands, at LLW.

We wanted to create a property that brings together tailored brand experiences that are bespoke, exclusive and immersive. The key to providing an experience was not replicating brands’ retail stores but rather creating something new. Along with our brands, the weekend will feature internationally renowned F&B pop-ups, entertainment and hosted experiences from power panels to lunches and cocktail evenings.

The entire aim of the event is to bring our affluent attendees and brands together under one roof to create a luxury ecosystem in India that will be recognized the world over.

We are happy to have signed on our first 50 brands that we revealed on November 21st 2017, and can’t wait to show you the next 50.

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