Watch Anish

With over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, @WatchAnish is the last word when it comes to luxury horology. A British born Indian, Anish developed a passion for collection watches at the young age of 18. Having started with modest means, Anish spent years reading about the intricacies and mechanics of both modern and vintage watches. He also spent years studying the pattern of sales from auction houses to gauge the true market value of certain references.

He founded his blog, WATCHANISH in 2012 and also began styling photoshoots. He used this portal to share his knowledge about watches along with his other passions which included fashion, travel, cars, architecture and art. He used eye-catching imagery with informative text to amass a large following for his page. He is followed by watch enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, fashion lovers and people who just love beautiful imagery. In six years, Anish managed to build a team of people around the world to help create the kind of passionate and engaging content that WATCHANISH has come to be known for. He uses this to connect and interact with all his fans and audience around the world.

For Anish, luxury means the freedom of options. It means not only attention to meticulous detail but also the ability to appreciate that craft from the consumer side. This can be applied to many categories from art to watches to real estate and beyond. This is something we understand all too well at LLW and is why we will be highlighting not one, but ten categories of luxury markets. Anish represents a growing category of men, those who take care in their appearance and are well-informed about the luxury market. He looks at high horology watches and chooses to feature pieces that not only offer technical prowess but offer a strong lifestyle investment.

When considering the luxury market in India, he says, “India as a nation has immense potential and I feel this is engrained in our blood from the days of the Maharajas. They are truly the ones who showed the world about opulence and luxury. Now with the new generation this is being reintroduced in a modern way which is being digested at a rapid pace due to the speed of social and digital media.” He agrees that luxury watch brands are now listening to their customers more and developing products based on people’s passions and lifestyles.

For anyone who loves watches, the opportunity to connect with Anish is a huge motivation to attend LLW. Anish himself is very excited to meet enthusiasts and is looking forward to coming to Mumbai.